Moisture Intrusion Forensics

We provide consulting services for moisture intrusion forensics to homeowners, relocation companies and attorneys pursuing class action lawsuits against builders and developers. The purpose of this testing is to determine the causation of moisture in both residential and commercial buildings. We identify and document both deficiencies and omissions within the cladding system, the applied installation and any violation of code standards, that contribute to, or could potentially result in damage to the property.


Independent Third Party Inspections

On your behalf, we will work closely with the contractor to ensure that proper procedures and guidelines are followed as they relate to current codes and ASTM standards. These codes are put in place to prevent potential installation issues. We also provide insight on the best materials to use for the job.

Litigation Consulting

We provide consulting and support for our clients and/or their legal representatives as it relates to building envelopes and their performance thereof, roofing and waterproofing, moisture intrusion, window and door failures, building diagnostics and the general analysis of the system as a whole. We can provide destructive and non-destructive testing and provide the ability to assist with design and detailing.

We specialize in the performance of leak investigation and their analysis, from the simple to the most complex. We work closely with engineering professionals and architectural companies for the creation of comprehensive scopes of repairs, the costs associated with them and their effectiveness.

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